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Life in Christ is paradise but not without sacrifice.

On our spiritual journey with Christ we pass over mountaintops of joys and valleys of tears. Life is filled with both consolation and desolation. In the Gospel we hear about the mountaintop experience of the Transfiguration. This was a great moment of consolation. The disciples enjoy the company of the Lord but Jesus knows trials are coming. Like Christ our journey is filled with both joy and sorrow which are important in our steps towards our final destination in God’s heavenly paradise.

Suffering tests our relationships with God and with each other. If we respond well, it will bring us closer together in our relationships, and if we don’t respond well it may drive us apart. Like in any relationship to respond well is to be faithful. Jesus asks to remain faithful, to persevere. Consolation and Desolation help us in our spiritual growth. This mountaintop experience that the disciples have is to strengthen and encourage them in order to endure the cross that is to come.

When trials come our way by remaining faithful in our relationship with Christ it will help us in our spiritual growth.  When we experience consolation, thank the Lord and when trials do come, stand firm in Christ and surrender our sufferings to Him as an offering of sacrifice. Let us remember that life in Christ leads us to paradise but not without sacrifice.

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