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“No Prophet is Accepted in His Home Town”

“You’re just a trashy kid playing hillbilly songs!” This is how Elvis Presley’s peers taunted him as a child. He faced rejection. Many did not recognize this musical star in the making.

We can see the rejection Jesus faced from his own people. Many saw him only as a carpenter’s son and nothing more.

Never underestimate the power of God’s gifts and graces that manifest in those closest to us or even within ourselves. Sometimes we think great things only happen elsewhere, but greatness is in our midst because God is in our midst.

God is always guiding and leading us on our spiritual journey if we allow Him. God calls each of us to greatness, and acceptance of ourselves and others. Genuine acceptance requires authentic love.

The Lord waits for us to invite him into our hearts so we can see the good in even the most difficult person. Every person has the presence of God within them and love enables them to become great. When we see the good in the person and encourage them the light of Christ will shine more brightly. Imagine how the world would be if we accepted this kind of love and lived it. We would truly become Christ in our midst.

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