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Slow Lent - Easter is not the Finish Line

Lent is like spring training. But, we need to be careful not to go too far, too fast, or too soon. 

“Easter is not the finish line.”

Lent is a time we are supposed to slow down. We live in a very crazy world. We have to be able to slow down to hear the Lord, to cooperate with his promptings, and to keep our eyes and hearts fixed on him.

The word Lent comes from an old English word for spring. We are starting to see signs of spring coming around us. Do we see signs of spring in our own life? 

The ashes we receive on Ash Wednesday symbolize renovation, cleaning, and a fire that has gone out. 

  • A renovation - Am I allowing the Lord, in this season of Lent, to renovate me?
  • A cleaning - I invite you Lord Jesus to wash off the dirt in this season of Lent.
  • A fire that has gone out - Were was has the fire gone out and been reduced to ashes? Ask the Holy Spirit to breathe on it and restore us back to flame. 

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