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Silence - Slow Lent (Part 2)

Part two of Fr. Allan MacDonald, CC's 2019 lenten mission in Halifax, NS. Click here watch Part One.

God creates in silence. The Lord is silent, but it doesn’t mean he is not active or present or communicating to us, but He communicates to us in silence. We need to create these opportunities to experience Him in silence.

“The silence of God is a form of speech, his word is solitude.” (Robert Cardinal Sarah, The Power of Silence)

We live in a very noisy world. How do we handle this noise? Silence is not an absence, it is a presence of God; solitude is not an absence either, it is an availability. Isolation however is cutting people off, its not solitude. Solitude is going to a place or having an encounter with the Lord where I am available to Him.

Why is modern man so keen to avoid silence? Because we have abandoned God.

Our modern culture rejects silence because we reject God.  We say, ‘Life's good. I have a good house, a good job, and a couple cars. Life's good. I don't need God.’ That's the danger of the first world. If you and I ever get to the point in our spiritual life where we say to ourselves, ‘You know what I'm good. I'm okay. I got this. I'll get 51 on the final exam I'll get in,’ we are in danger. It's a dangerous place to be because we are all one banana peal away from a nursing home. 

Everything we have can be easily lost and very quickly. We need God.

Will you become part of the resistance movement, as Cardinal Sarah calls it, and turn off the noise and listen more to God.

Maybe it means turning off your cell phone and computer in the evening and giving yourself some silence. And do you know what I miss when I do that? NOTHING! God will have me where he needs me to be to find out what I need to know.

Cardinal Sarah says in his book “In killing silence man assassinates God.” What a powerful sentence.

In developing and cultivating an appetite for silence, we are developing and cultivating an appetite for God. Is there a place where you can go to spend quiet time with the Lord?

Lord what is it you are calling me to do to create a climate and culture of silence in my life? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Turn the radio off in the car. 
  • Turn everything off at a certain time at night. 
  • Get up a certain time in the morning and spending quiet time with the Lord before everything else. 

It may start with just five minutes. It's about progress, not perfection.

"Stir up inside of us our appetite for silence.”

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