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God, Change my Heart

When I say, ‘God change my heart’ do I really mean that? Do I really understand what that means? Or, are they just words?

What is it going to take to bring about long lasting conversion and change in the Church?

“It is going to take you and I fixing our gaze on Jesus and asking Jesus to show us the true state of our hearts. What is really going on in my heart?”

Have we made the decision to welcome Jesus into our hearts? Have I made the decision to accept the Lord Jesus as the Lord and Saviour of my heart?

What is going on in the Church today is evil. The response to evil is virtue. The spiritual response to what we are experiencing of a spiritual nature is holiness.

Do I want to become a saint? Do I want to get holy? That is the spiritual response that the Lord is inviting us to today.

“Lord Jesus, show me what is going on in my own heart? Am I accepting you Jesus into every room in my life? In the house of my life are you welcome everywhere? Or, is there one room that I am not letting you in?”

Am I inviting Jesus to clean me up and make me a saint?

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