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Stuck in Our Doubts

Sometimes we get stuck in our doubts.

“God do you even exist? Are you even listening to my prayers? Are you even real?”

It is in the midst of your doubts that the shepherd wants to come and encounter you. 

Sheep have bad balance. They can find themselves rolling onto their side or back and get stuck. The more it struggles the worse situation it finds itself in. Sheep stuck in this situation are called cast down.

There are 2 dangers for cast down sheep:

  1. Predators.
  2. They can suffocate. Sheep that are cast down can suffocate in under an hour unless the shepherd sees them and comes to the rescue.

Jesus is a shepherd and is looking for cast down sheep, us.

When a sheep is cast down its only hope is the shepherd. We have such a shepherd, the good shepherd. The good shepherd is always looking, watching, and searching for the cast down sheep.

“We are all cast down sheep.”

There is no fear, doubt, or obstacle that can prevent the shepherd from coming to restore all the cast down

Homily begins at 22:35.

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