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Rejection, It Hurts

Rejection is a universal human experience. It is painful, it hurts. 

Why do we take an experience of rejection and internalize it? We're broken.

The Gospel tells us that rejection doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. If you are rejected it isn't necessarily because of you, or because there is something wrong with you. 

For Jesus, it doesn't matter what people think of him. It doesn't matter to him how they see him. What matters to Jesus is how the Father sees him; that is the only thing that matters to Jesus when it comes to who he is. 

“The Father says, ‘Behold my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.’ The same is true of you. What matters is what God the Father says about you.”

Rejection, it hurts. Today, God is calling us to bring our rejection to the Cross, to the place where the greatest rejection became the means of our salvation. 

Homily begins at 20:30

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