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Lay Aside, Push Past, Look Past

How do we persevere in the face of opposition when we are confronted with the challenge to compromise our faith, to quit, or give up? As Christians, how do we persevere?

  1. Lay aside
    We must lay aside everything that slows you down. Lay aside everything that prevents you from running the race. When opposition comes, these things will slow you down and prevent you from running the race. 
  2. Push past
    Keep going, push forward, and persevere when you are confronted with opposition. If you're not dead yet, God's not done yet. 
  3. Look past
    f you want to push past the pain you have to see what lays beyond it. Prayer helps us visualize the glory to which we are called. We focus through the pain towards the promise, Jesus. 

Each of us is a spiritual olympic athlete. What you are capable of doing is beyond your imagination. If we only persevere in our faith in the face of opposition. 

“Jesus endured the shame of the Cross. Do you know what joy was set before him? Jesus embraced the pain and shame of the Cross for the joy that was on the other side of the Cross. You are the joy. You are the reason Jesus persevered. He went through the pain and shame for you. He did it for you. He ran the race for you. Will you run the race for him?”

Homily begins at 20:20.

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