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Will we Change or Cling to the Status Quo?

Listen to the homily here. 

The truth is controversial. Jesus says, "I am the truth." Wherever Jesus goes things have to change. Whenever Jesus shows up things begin to change because the truth demands that things come into accord with it.

When Jesus shows up, things change. 

We have one saviour, Jesus Christ. The problem is not out there somewhere in the world. It is deep down in the human heart. It is a sickness that only Jesus can heal. 

You are stamped with the image of God. All that you have, all that you are, all your struggles and trials, your money, your job, belong to God. Jesus is coming to us today in the Eucharist and things have to change. So the question I need to ask myself,

“Will I render unto Jesus what belongs to Jesus? Will I give him everything that I am and everything that I have? Will I allow him to change my life. Or, will I walk away like a pharisee clinging to the comforts of the status quo.”

Listen to the homily here. 

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