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Constitutions and Rules

Every recognized religious community in the Catholic Church needs to have approved constitutions: a clear set of laws that determine the community's identity, membership, and governance. Our first constitutions were approved by Archbishop Plourde, back in 1988. These gave us the status of a public association of clerics. A few years later, after a process of consultation with representatives of the Archdiocese of Ottawa, it was decided that our charism was distinct enough to warrant moving towards a higher canonical status. As a result of this decision, we began a lengthy process of communal discernment to draft a new set of constitutions, one which would meet the requirements established by the Holy See. Every member of the community was involved in this discernment process. Finally, in May 2003, after our constitutions received approval from Rome, Archbishop Marcel Gervais formally granted us the status of Society of Apostolic Life.

In their current form, our Constitutions and Rules are the embodiment of both the centuries-old wisdom of the Church and the particular wisdom we believe the Lord has imparted to us through our founder, Father Bob Bedard. That is why, to become a member of the Companions of the Cross, each of us makes a promise to follow these Constitutions and Rules. To read the complete document of our current Constitutions and Rules, please click on the attached PDF document below.

Constitutions and Rules 201200130.pdf