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Love for One Another, a Life of True Brotherhood

Fr. Mark and Fr. Scott praying over Bp. Riesbeck Catholic Photo

We base ourselves on the model of Jesus and his disciples, who lived together, ministered together, and supported one another.

“The unity of our life together will authenticate the gospel we proclaim and give it power.” (Fr. Bob Bedard)

As Companions, we are called to embrace the common life. Community living is central to our vocation.

We commit ourselves to the daily building up of our brothers by service, self-sacrifice, and mutual respect. We affirm, support, and challenge one another.

We are convinced that our ministry in the Church is made more fruitful by the fact that we live and work together.

Strengthened by the brotherhood that community affords us, we seek to witness to the joy of serving Christ by enthusiastically pouring out our lives in priestly ministry.