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Fr. Francis Ching, CC Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: If God knows our needs, why do we need to pray?

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If God knows our needs, why do we need to pray? And if we pray, why do we need to write up and burn petitions?

Seminarian, Daniel Ramos, giving presentation at Saint Benedict.

Getting in the Fire With Us

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God is a God of love who wants to be right in the fire with us. He wants to share every part of life with us.

Fr. Francis Ching celebrating Mass

I Want to Come Back to Church. What Do I Do?

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First of all, welcome back to the Catholic Church!

Fr. Francis Ching Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: What is the meaning of the veil?

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Women who covered their hair therefore were signifying to others that they had given up their beauty for piety.

Fr. Francis Ching Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: Sexual Sin, Which One is Worse?

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“The truth is, this is a battle that can be won, and it has been won by many, as long as we keep faithfully holding onto Jesus and resisting the devil.”


Ask Fr. Francis: Can a Widower be Ordained a Priest?

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Of course, provided he meets all the other regular admission requirements to the priesthood, namely that he is a practising Catholic, is still capable of completing the necessary formation, and...