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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

Unity - Are you Willing to go for It?

We can work for unity in many different ways. Here are a few practical steps we can all follow to facilitate the Lord's task of forging among us a oneness through which he can move:

  1. I have to be eager to allow my brothers to be themselves. I have to give up my desire to see them conformed to patterns that I myself am most comfortable with. 
  2. I must be willing to work out the differences I am surely going to have with my brothers in the manner set down by the community. All of us must learn to dialogue our differences and to get help with the procedure when we need to. 
  3. I must find ways to serve my brothers and to affirm them. 
  4. I have to be ready to give up a lot of my personal preferences in the interests of developing that greater life that we are to have in common. 
  5. At all costs, I must avoid gossip, idle talk about absent brothers. 
  6. I must pray daily for my brothers, mentioning each one by name before the Lord.
  7. I must desire to have close unity with my brothers and work for it with all my heart as the Lord directs. 

We don't have to identical in all things. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are very one, but they are not identical. Each has his own role. We don't have to be identical, but we do have to be united. 

How united are we to be? Jesus has said that we are to be one just as he is one with his Father. How one is that? One day, the apostle Philip asked Jesus to let the disciples see the Father, just once. One look at the Father and we'll be satisfied, he said. Jesus' response? “Philip,” he said, “you have been with me all this time and you can make a request like that? Philip, if you have seen me, you have already seen the Father.” (John 14:9)

“Now, that's really one. That's a lot of unity. But, Jesus urges it of us, Are we willing to go for it?”

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