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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

Owning, Using, and Sharing

Brothers eating dinnerI think the Lord wants us to settle the ownership question. Being a disciple of Jesus includes, among other things, making everything over to him. I don't own things any more. I manage them for him. I become what the gospels call a steward.

I should follow carefully planned and approved budget. I have to know where my money is going and how it is being spent. I have to know how to handle the advertising and marketing strategies the media are blowing at me every day. I can't let myself get brainwashed into believing I have to have every new gadget. I have to realize that industries are manufacturing goods with a carefully designed obsolescence factor built in. My purchases should reflect a wisdom that understands the deceptions we all face. Impulse buying, of course, has to go. We must bring into submission every desire that is centred in greed.

"Our houses and our personal rooms should reflect the gospel we preach. We should keep only those things that are necessary for us to live decently and to carry out the work the Lord has given us. They should be presentable and clean." 

Our clothing should be reasonable in style... and free from vanity and ostentation.

Part of living a simply life-style means being willing to lend things to one another. This can be a sensitive area. Living under the cloud of original sin, we can get very possessive about the things that are ours. Supposing somebody puts a scratch on my car or misplaces one of my books or my tapes? I think I can hear the Lord saying: 'So what! Is it really that important?'

What am I going to say the next time one of my brothers or sisters asks to borrow something?

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