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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

It Changes Your Life

“When I am baptised with the Holy Spirit, something happens to work a transformation within. My spirit is laid open to receiving revelation from God. I have an actual meeting with the risen Lord. I begin to know Jesus as alive. I develop a hunger to read and learn the written word of God. The Bible comes alive. I seem to receive a new pair of eyes to see what God is doing around me and a new set of ears to hear what he is saying. My priorities change. My conversation changes. I want to talk about the Lord. Tweet Button

“A few years ago, a young man I knew, recently having experienced being touched by the Holy Spirit, went out for an evening to socialize with a group of his acquaintances. ‘How was it?’ I asked him the next day. ‘It was very nice,’ he said. ‘It was great to see them all again. But there was something missing, and I'm not really sur what it was.’ ‘Did they talk about the Lord?’ I asked. He realised then what had been missing. His old buddies were the same as always, actually quite a good bunch. But he himself had changed. What he really want to do was share stuff about the Lord.”

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