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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

He Gave Away His Car!

Jesus did not do away with the tithe. He seemed to encourage even going well beyond it. He called for a degree of generosity that virtually all of us are totally unfamiliar with. 

I learned a lesson about generosity some years ago. When I was first ordained, my assignment was to a parish which already had two other priests, the pastor and another assistant, the latter being a few years older than I. Both were generous, but my fellow assistant was clearly the most generous person I have ever met.

"He almost literally gave everything away. He gave money to all who came begging to the rectory door. He gave his clothes away to those who needed them. One day, he even gave his car away. He was something like a depot with money and goods coming in and out all the time." 

But the Lord took care of him. People were always giving him money. Shortly after his car had gone, someone came by unexpectedly and have him another car, better than the one he had given away. I'm not sure exactly how the whole thing worked, but this I know: it did work. 

How generous are we? When was the last time I gave something away?

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