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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

God is Committed

But what about us? What does the Lord expect today? Personally, I don't believe God's word on it has changed. Although I don't think he is placing it upon us as an obligation, I think he'd still like his tithe. And the tithe that he wants is ten percent - of my gross earnings, that is.

I can almost hear some saying: “That's gross! Ten percent! How am I supposed to pay my bills?” It is, for sure, a tough word. But I believe it's what God is saying. 

“And I believe, too, that his commitment to take care of his faithful ones still holds true as well. I've heard it again and again from people who have been tithing. They've never been, they say, as free from financial and temporal worries.”

I heard it so often that I decided, some years ago, to try it myself. Although things were very tight for me financially at that time, I began to take ten percent off the top of my pay, such as it was, and give it to the Lord's work. I've been doing it ever since. And I've never been so well off. In fact, I'm being so well taken care of lately, I'm embarrassed.

But, for most of us, to begin tithing represents a rather radical shift in our priorities and perspectives. After I mentioned it at a meeting a while ago, one fellow reacted to the word by saying: “I've never heard of it before. I thought at first you meant teething.” Seriously, though, it's not at all painful. In fact, it works very well. 

It almost, at times, seems more like an investment than anything else. This shouldn't be our motivation for getting into it, but the Lord just never fails to come through. I give to him and he gives to me. And it seems to work no matter how little or how much we earn. God is scrupulously faithful to his word. It's as simple as that. 

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