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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

The Cause of Unity

Division, it is plain, is not God's work. We can readily see that. But can we see that is someone else's work? It is, for sure, the main tactic of our implacable foe, Satan. Ever since God began calling people together, urging them to be one, the enemy has been at work to divide them. It has, in fact, been his most successful enterprise. We live in a divided Church. Not only are there hundreds of different Christian denominations, there are serious divisions within our own Church.

“But, wherever the Lord can find a group of disciples who are willing to be one with one another, no matter how difficult it may be for them, he is ready to do powerful things.” 

As the Companions of the Cross, we have to be ready to sacrifice ourselves in the cause of unity. Whatever the cost, we have to be willing to pay it.

The unity the Lord wants from us is a unity of purpose. We feel we have a basic vision from the Lord for what we are to be. We are to be united around it. We can have differences of opinion about many things. We can have differences of style, different preferences. There is no problem with that. In fact, that's probably quite healthy. The unity we need will not be achieved by casting all of us into the same mold. We need to be one, but we don't need to be identical. We are not interested in cloning people. It is the vision, the Lord's word to us, we want to clone. 

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