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Prayers Carry Seminarian to Ordination

On May 5, Fr. Alex Colautti, CC, was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, the archbishop of Ottawa, capping a journey that Fr. Alex began ten years ago after a life-changing trip to Medjugorje. The ordination took place at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa, ON.

“My call to the priesthood has largely been shaped by encounters with the people of God and the way that, while I served them, they in fact ministered to me,” Fr. Alex said. “I’ve really been inspired by Pope Francis and his call to get up from behind our desks, to get out of our churches and to hit the streets so that we can be living witnesses to people out in the world.”

Fr. Alex, who hails from Windsor, ON, joined the Companions of the Cross in 2011. After a year of spiritual formation in Ontario, he entered Sacred Heart Major Seminary, where he received his academic formation in preparation for the priesthood. Following his ordination, Fr. Alex recounted a key factor that kept him going through his seminary years was the prayers of innumerable people.

“I didn’t get to where I am without prayer warriors storming the heavens for me, and I’m certainly not going to get anywhere without their continued support,” Fr. Alex said.

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