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The Joy of Stewardship - Stewardship declares that my life and my possessions are not mine.

Jesus tells us that we must be willing to “hate our life in this world to keep it for eternal life”. As his followers, we must embrace dying to self. Elsewhere in the Gospels Jesus says we must “deny ourselves” to be one of his followers.

How does any of this play a role in stewardship?

“It’s quite simple; stewardship declares that my life, and my possessions, are not mine; they are gifts given to me by our good and gracious God. Stewards deny any self-confident pride in their accomplishments in this world and give all the credit to God. Stewardship places Christ at the centre of how I choose to share and use my gifts. Stewardship is living Christ-centered, not self-centered in this life to keep our eternal reward.”

Still, Jesus promised an abundant life here and now. (John 10:10) Admitting that I utterly depend upon God for all that I have and all that I am is very freeing. To be a steward is not to hoard my life, but to live it generously! This is the abundant life we are created for.

Dan is the Director of Mission Advancement for the Companions of the Cross. You can contact Dan at 613-728-3175.

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