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How to Go Beyond “I’ll Pray For You” – A Guide to Praying With Someone Spontaneously

The following is an excerpt from seminarian Brenton Cordeiro's blog on CatholicLink. Brenton Cordeiro is a seminarian with the Companions of the Cross.

People often ask us to pray for them, whether they’re facing challenges personally, at home, at work, or they’re battling a particular illness. The common practice is that we promise to pray for that person, putting it off to some point in the future (that, let’s be honest, doesn’t always occur).

"Instead, one thing we can do when someone asks us to pray for them is to promptly ask the person, 'Would it be alright for me to pray for you right now?'"

Many people are hesitant to pray with someone spontaneously because of the fear of looking foolish. How long do we pray for that person? Should we place our hands on them while praying? How will we know what to say in our prayer? Fortunately, there are no rules set in stone about how we ought to pray with someone else. The keys to praying with someone are relying on the Holy Spirit and realizing that it is God, not us, who brings about any change in the person we are praying with. There’s something that happens when we seize the moment and pray over someone as soon as they ask for prayer, because in that moment, the person is most cooperative with the grace of the Holy Spirit.

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