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Fr. Rubén's Ordination!

It Matters - It Matters Very Much

It was a beautiful morning for a beautiful and amazing celebration. The air outside was cool and crisp; but, the celebration inside the Cathedral warmed our hearts and filled us with hope.

The glory of God was in full display this morning. This morning we celebrated Fr. Rubén Campbell’s ordination to the priesthood. It matters; it matters very much.

Fr. Rubén is now a priest, a priest forever.

Witnessing a man lay down his life for the Lord will never get old, nor should it. There is something magnificently heroic about a man laying down his life for a greater cause and surrendering his life to be part of God’s plan.

 I don’t mean this figuratively, it is literal. During the ordination rite, the candidate prostrates (lays face-down on the floor) himself before God as a sign of total surrender and self-oblation, while the intercession of the entire heavenly Church is invoked on their behalf.

Today, Fr. Rubén has surrendered his life to the Lord, offering himself as a part of God’s unshakeable plan.

"It matters because Fr. Rubén has surrendered his life for the greatest cause of all, the cause of Christ. He has dedicated his life to bringing Jesus to the people."

It matters because the world has unknowingly won for itself today a man who will love the unloved, a man who will love with the love of Christ. In a world longing for the love of Christ, the ordination of Fr. Rubén Campbell matters, it matters very much.  

Deacon Rubén has become Fr. Rubén and he is now entrusted with bringing Jesus to the people through his priestly ministry. He will preach the word of God with passion, celebrate the sacraments with devotion, and lead with confidence.

"Therefore he had to be made like his brethren in every respect, so that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of God..." (Hebrews 2:17)

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