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Baptism in the Holy Spirit: Why Every Catholic Should Consider Receiving It

The following is an excerpt from seminarian Brenton Cordeiro's blog on CatholicLink. Brenton Cordeiro is a seminarian with the Companions of the Cross.

That grace has come to be known in many parts of the world as ‘baptism in the Holy Spirit.’ While some people are skeptical of this phenomenon, this grace has demonstrated how it has been playing a powerful role in the revival and new evangelization efforts of the Catholic Church.

Regardless of what some critics may say, I strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t gone through the experience to get out there and seek it wholeheartedly. To say it transforms your life is an understatement. Despite being baptized in the Holy Spirit over a decade ago, I continue to drink deeply of its graces. It has led me to discover the richness and beauty of my Catholic faith in a whole new way and has ignited an ever-growing passion deep in my soul to serve the Lord.

"So, if you’re looking to recharge your spiritual batteries, don’t be afraid to open your mind and heart to being baptized in the Holy Spirit." Tweet Button

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