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Ask Fr. Francis: Won’t the mom and the child be better-off with an abortion if the child will have a suffering life because of his/her disabilities?

The following is an excerpt from askfrfrancis.orgFr. Francis Ching, CC answers tough questions about the Catholic faith.


I know that the Church is against abortion. However, what if the child inside you will have a suffering life because of his disabilities? Won’t the mom and the child be better-off with an abortion?

Fr. Francis' answer:

There are few things more difficult than to see your loved ones suffer. When a parent, especially a mother, discovers that her unborn child is genetically deficient or severely handicapped, it is often said that she can feel the anguish as it is her own. If it is within her power, she would rather she suffers ten times over than her child.

Today, in view of that, in the name of “mercy”, often medical doctors would recommend to the parents the option of terminating the child’s life in order to remove the pain of life-long suffering.

But underneath this line of thought, is the unspoken belief that it is better to terminate someone else’s life than to help them to live it meaningfully.

“But unborn people are persons like you and me. They can’t speak for themselves, but they have the same rights to life as we do.”

And by the same logic, it would be saying that it is better to kill all the blind, the lame, the senile, etc., than for them to suffer or to complete their life naturally. This may sound offensive, but it is the same thing...

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