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Ask Fr. Francis: Should I kneel at the Consecration?

The following is an excerpt from Fr. Francis Ching, CC answers tough questions about the Catholic faith.

Fr. Francis Ching PortraitQuestion:

Should we kneel at the consecration? In my parish we no longer kneel...

Fr. Francis' answer:

According to the General Instruction to the Roman Missal, people should at least kneel from the epiclesis (the invocation of the Holy Spirit before consecration) to just before the Memorial Acclamation, unless a person is not able to do so.

The person responsible for promoting proper liturgical norms in each parish is the pastor. So, if you have done your best to discuss the issue with him and still he fails to do something about it, we need to consider a number of possibilities:

  1. He has reasons that he felt are legitimate; e.g., the majority of the congregation is elderly and can’t kneel anyway.
  2. He is ignorant of church norms.
  3. He is defiant of church norms.
  4. Either his fellow priests or his bishop, or both are not following the proper norms and he felt little compulsion to “rock the boat” or be different.
  5. Personal weakness of will.

Of course, you may write to the bishop to see if he can do something about it.


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