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Ask Fr. Francis: How Do We Have God?

The following is an excerpt from Fr. Francis Ching, CC answers tough questions about the Catholic faith.

Fr. Francis Ching PortraitQuestion:

How do we have God?

Fr. Francis' answer: 

This question could be interpreted in several ways:

  • “How is it that we have (a) God?”

This is taking the question literally, but this question is unanswerable, for the following reasons...

  • “How is it that there is a “god”?”

This question is also unanswerable. If god exists, then god would have definitely existed before there was anything...

  • “How is it that we come up with the idea of “god”?”

This is interpreting your question’s “god” is an idea. But this question is futile, because if “god” is as I defined earlier, then necessarily we either have to come up with a non-rational explanation for reality...

  • “How do we know that God is real?”

This I think is the only interpretation of your question that is viable. Logically speaking, we can argue the following way...

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