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10 More Reasons to Come to Deacon Rubén's Ordination

Deacon Rubén’s ordination is in 2 days. You may have read “9 Reasons to Come to Deacon Ruben’s Ordination” and decided to come. We are delighted you will be joining us!

However, some of you may still be undecided.

I am here to give you 10 more reasons to come!

The ordination begins at 9:30am. This means the ordination will likely be finished by 11:00am. Your spirit will be uplifted and you will be filled with hope. But now what? You still have the rest of the day. Why not be tourists for the rest of the day and visit some of Ottawa’s fantastic destinations?!

  1. Venture into the Market (only a short walk from the Cathedral) - There are lots of great boutique stores and many wonderful places to grab a coffee or a bite to eat.
  2. Visit Parliament Hill (only a short walk from the Cathedral) - You are in the capital city of Canada. Visit the beautiful Parliament Buildings and their surroundings. There are self-guided tours, guided tours, and you can even go up the Peace Tower. If you do decide to visit Parliament Hill, make sure you take a walk around the back - the scenery is breathtaking!
  3. Eat a Beaver Tail – Born in Ottawa, Beaver Tails are a local tradition. They come sweet or savoury! Normally, we only eat them during the winter while we skate on the Canal. However, there is a Beaver Tails shack open in the Market year-round just for you! They are amazing and you should definitely grab one for yourself.
  4. Visit Jacques Cartier Park for MOSAÏCANADA 150.
    • "For 107 days, Jacques Cartier Park will host the biggest horticultural event in Canada, with MOSAÏCANADA 150/Gatineau 2017. Mosaiculture is a most spectacular horticultural technique that combines the following different art forms:
      • sculpture for the structure,
      • paint for the palette of colours,
      • and, horticulture as the means of creating living and changing artworks with plants.
    • “The theme of the Gatineau exhibit will reflect 150 years of history, values, culture and arts in Canada, represented by some 40 different arrangements. Admission to the MOSAÏCANADA 150/Gatineau 2017 exhibit in Jacques-Cartier Park will be free. The exhibit will be in the form of a route extending over almost one kilometre. Each visit will last approximately 90 minutes.”
  5. There are a lot of fantastic museums in Ottawa:
    • The National Art Gallery.
    • Canadian War Museum.
    • Canadian Museum of History.
    • Canadian Museum of Nature.
    • Canada Aviation and Space Museum.
    • Canada Agriculture and Food Museum – The Baconpalooza festival is this weekend!
    • The Mint – I hear you can hold a solid bar of gold worth more than $750,000.
  6. If you enjoy shopping, visit the Rideau Centre in downtown Ottawa (only a short walk from the Cathedral).
  7. Go for a walk along the canal. It is beautiful!
  8. If you’re here for the weekend, visit St. Mary’s, Fr. Bob’s parish, for Mass on Sunday morning.
  9. Visit Mooney’s Bay Beach, Britannia Beach, or Westboro Beach.
  10. Visit Gatineau Park – There are many wonderful activities and places to visit.

We hope you will join us this Saturday for this beautiful celebration!

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