A Way Forward from a Broken Priesthood

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The Model is Different

The Companions of the Cross model for the priesthood is different, and that is what attracted Fr. Isaac to our community. God gave our founder Fr. Bob Bedard a way forward for the priesthood as part of his divine plan to renew the priesthood.

Many priests today are isolated, over-worked, stressed out, serving multiple parishes, and mired in administration and maintenance.

Not so with the Companions of the Cross priests. We base ourselves on the model of Jesus and his disciples who lived together, ministered together, and supported one another. Strengthened by the brotherhood that living in community affords us, men can confidently respond to the call to priesthood because they know that the Companions provide a structure where they can thrive.

Priests Thriving – A Church Alive
  • Brotherhood
  • Shared Ministry
  • Healthy
  • One Parish
  • Mission Focused
Priests Surviving – A Church in Decline
  • Isolation
  • Over-worked
  • Stressed Out
  • Clustered Parishes
  • Maintenance Minded


One of the biggest fears that I had about becoming a priest was that they lived almost in isolation. That was not appealing to me at all. I liked the idea of joining a brotherhood.

-Fr. Isaac Longworth, CC

An Order that Thrives

“We need our priests! I contribute to the Companions myself. We just really need to stand with the Companions and help them to be an order that not only survives but thrives.”

-Dr. Ralph Martin (Professor of Theoloy / Director of Graduate Programs in the New Evangelization, Sacred Heart Major Seminary)


“In the seminariaes, they’re not teaching pritests how to lead. They’re not teaching them the practical skills needed to lead teams of people; to form them, to equip them and to commission them. We saw that as being absolutely critical! That’s why the Companions are attracting young men; because they see not only the vision, but that they’re going to get the training to live it out.” 

-Bp. Scott McCaig, CC (Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada)

Priests who LIVE differently LEAD differently!

As brothers living in community, we seek to continually witness to the joy of serving Christ by enthusiastically apprenticing one another in our leadership skills. Our commitment to leadership training is another aspect unique to the Companions that elevates the quality of formation our priests receive to a standard like no other. With the current decline in vocations, young priests are too often thrust into leadership roles with little or no leadership training. We are changing that!

Leadership training is one of the ways forward for the priesthood that will bear much fruit. Your financial support makes this possible.

The Companions of the Cross invest a great deal of time and financial resources in ensuring that each newly ordained priest gets proper and effective leadership training. It begins in seminary and is strengthened in their first year as a priest by being assigned as an additional priest in a Companions parish where they receive practical training in leadership, especially in forming and equipping lay Catholics to be leaders in the ministry of evangelization.

The Companions need the prayers and financial support of devoted Catholics like you to continue forming holy and healthy priests. The Companions ordained three men to the priesthood in 2023, and there are more to come with 14 men in our seminarian program.

Your donation to our 2023 Advent Appeal will support the formation of future priests who will lead our Church to the RENEWAL that we so desperately need.

PS. “We believe in a Church that is explosively alive. And, for the Church to become explosively alive, the priesthood needs to also be explosively alive today.” – Fr. Simon Lobo, CC

“Once we begin to rediscover what it means to evangelize, I see the Church waking up and coming explosively alive to the point where it, with the power of the Holy Spirit, will shake the earth and the nations with its dynamic presence.”
–Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder