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Companions of the Cross

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Dan Potvin Portrait

The Joy of Stewardship - Stewardship declares that my life and my possessions are not mine.

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“It’s quite simple; stewardship declares that my life, and my possessions, are not mine; they are gifts given to me by our good and gracious God."

Fr. Francis Ching Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: Why does the Church dig out the dead body before investigation of sainthood?

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The following is an excerpt from

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

To-Do List Weapon

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Brothers and sisters, keep busy doing God's work and the Devil won't be able to touch you.

The Bedardian Photo

Be Empowered

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Mary is the perfect model of docility to the Holy Spirit.

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The Third Degree of Silence - Silence with One's Imagination

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We don't have to open our mind to every thought that comes knocking on the door.

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The Plan

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“The Lord does not do anything without revealing his plan to his servants, the prophets. You are his prophet. Let the Lord reveal to you what his plan is.”

Seminarians Juan Pablo and Joshua

International Women's Day

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“The Church gives thanks for all the manifestations of the feminine ‘genius’ which have appeared in the course of history, in the midst of all peoples and nations; she gives...


The Joy of Stewardship - What are the gifts God has entrusted to you?

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“What are the gifts God has entrusted to you? Each of us has unique talents and abilities that we can share in a life of good works. There is much joy in seeing that a gift...

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Tradition of Praise

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We need to sing a joyful song to the Lord. We need to be joyful in our praise.