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Companions of the Cross

“I see the Church waking up and coming explosively alive...”

-Fr. Bob Bedard, CC

Fr. Simon Lobo Preaching

Burnt Out? Pray. Share. Rest.

Homily /  

If you are feeling especially burdened, Jesus knows you and he loves you immensely. He is calling you to himself,
“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I...

Fr. Rob Arsenault, CC Portrait

Keep it Simple

Homily /  

Let's keep our eyes on Jesus and trust he is doing what he said he would do, he is who he says he is. He knows you personally. He will save you!

Reach out your hand,...

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Endurance - Foster Interior Silence

Homily /  

Foster Interior silence. Create space for silence and stillness.

Fr. Jorge Alvarado

God's Radical Mercy

Homily /  

Our compassionate Father wants to increase the good things in your life and work healing in your heart.

Fr. Kenneth Lao

Am I Ready?

Homily /  

An outdoor adventure leads Fr. Ken to wonder, "Am I ready to die?" Now is a time of God's mercy for all of us to prepare.

Fr. Jim Lowe

Turn to the Lord

Homily /  

God is always there for you, and knows what you need even before you ask. Turn to Him and ask for everything you need.

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7 Mansions of the Interior Castle - Oversimplified

Homily /  

Seven mansions of the Interior Castle, 7 stages in the spiritual life.

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I Don't Have Much Lord - Sunday Mini Homily

Homily /  

When we bring the little we have to the Lord he can do wonders. He will do wonders.

Fr. Bryan Sabourin

Come Hungry, Feed Others

Homily /  

Have you found yourself during this pandemic in a situation of scarcity of any kind? We might find ourselves asking, does God provide for us in our need? Even in scarcity God...