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Nathan Grant

I was born in a Catholic family that went to Mass every Sunday. Growing up though, I didn’t have Christ at the center of my life. Don’t get me wrong, He was a part of my life, but in no way was He the number one priority.

In high school I began to recognize an emptiness in my life, a lack of fulfillment and purpose. I subconciously began to look for fulfillment in different areas, most of which led me farther from it. The only thing that offered me any hope was the experience of a NET team in my local parish. Through this God called me to serve with NET Ministries of Canada for a year after I graduated highschool.

That year was a tremendous blessing for me, and I was able to make Christ the center of my life for the first time. Along with this came a great amount of joy and a conviction that I had found what I was searching for. I wanted to commit myself to Christ and bring Him to others, so I spent a year in faith formation at St. Therese Institute out in Saskatchewan. It was here that I came to know the Companions of the Cross. Not long after meeting them, God began to call me to join, so I discerned it over the course of the year and came to the decision that I would apply for the coming fall.

"I feel like it’s also important to point out that I wasn’t always open to the idea of the priesthood. Actually on NET you could say that I was closer to the exact opposite of open. It took a while for me to truly tell God that I would follow Him if that was where He was leading me. Once I did though, it became a huge source of joy and peace."

Since joining the Companions in 2013, I can truly say I have found the answer to the question he asks each one of us, “What are you looking for?” (Jn 1:38).

Nathan Grant Portrait