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Fr. Simon Lobo Portrait

Fr. Simon Lobo, CC is Appointed Pastor of St. Benedict Parish

Fr. Simon Lobo, CC has been appointed pastor of St. Benedict Parish in Halifax, NS, effective July 1.

Fr. Rob Arsenault and Fr. Jim MacGillivray

Fr. Jim MacGillivray, CC dies April 5, 2017

Our brother Fr. Jim MacGillivray, CC died on April 5, 2017.

Fr. Jerry Adoration

It was December 24th

We both went back up to her room and there I prayed and anointed his wife with the Holy Oils (Sacrament of the Sick). He thanked me and prepared to go home for the night. I continued on with a few...

Joshua Bruce and Toy Story Alien

Joshua Bruce's Story (CC Seminarian)

"We need to ask ourselves, wherever you are in your life, 'Jesus, how can I bring you to others? How can I bring you to others?' Have that be the defining question of your life."

Stock Photography

Director of Mission Advancement

Job Opportunity: Director of Mission Advancement

Our God is a God of Surprises

Our God is a God of Surprises - Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday!!! Here's a little update from us; we think you'll love it!