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Joshua Bruce

My name is Joshua Bruce, and I was born on December 18th 1993. I was born in Scarborough, Ontario into a loving family. I had the delights of being the youngest of two children for nine years until my little sister was born and I reluctantly relinquished my title of youngest and cutest Bruce child to her. Soon after she was born, we moved to a little town just forty minutes north called Bradford where I spent the rest of my upbringing. 

Since we were a one and a half minute walk away from the church, it was easy for my family to practice our Catholic faith. We prayed grace before meals and every Sunday we would walk to the church, and sit in the third pew from the front. The actions of the mass had become a predictable routine for me until one week, the routine was broken. A team of energetic youth ministers from NET Ministries of Canada spent a year at my parish, and God used them to awaken my faith.

I was always so inspired by the youth ministers at my church, so when I was old enough I began volunteering as well. God gave me a deep love for evangelization, especially directed towards youth. It was this passion that propelled me to serve as a NET missionary for two years. 

After my years with NET, I was faced with a desire from God to bring Jesus to people for the rest of my life. The question was, "How?" As I asked God this question, I was answered with a question. It was a question that had echoed in my head ever since I first believed in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist. What better way is there to bring Jesus to people than literally? Physically? Sacramentally? There is no better way!

As I began my discernment, I remembered a few priests who had helped at my NET training. I couldn't remember the name of their community, but I did remember that they were fiery homilists, fierce worshipers, and reverent celebrants of the Holy Mass. I also remembered that they wore these cool medallions that depicted a little man embracing a big red cross. Long story short, I found out what the name of the community was and now I'm proud to call myself a Companion of the Cross seminarian.

Joshua Bruce Portrait