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Companions of the Cross

Today is the World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests.

“For when we are in touch with our own imperfections and learn to rely on God’s grace, we can better lead others to holiness and be an effective bridge for people who are searching for God. The priest who has met Christ in his flawed but graced humanity can minister to people more compassionately as brothers and sisters who share the same human struggle.

“On this World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests, may the prayers of the whole Church lead all priests to a greater holiness of life so that we may ever more resemble Christ the true priest and bridge between God and humanity.” Click here.

Fr. Bob Bedard Journalling

He Didn't Just Say It. He Did It!

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The love we speak of is not something that happens automatically. It is something that must be chosen by each of us.

Fr. Kenneth Lao portrait

Be Not Afraid

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Perfect love casts out fear.

Jesus tells his disciples that "No servant is greater than his master." If the Lord Jesus suffered persecutions, so will His disciples. He...

Brenton Cordeiro Portrait

Faith is a Gift: Following 4 Seminarians on Pilgrimage to Iraq

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A few weeks ago, four seminarians from Michigan embarked on a pilgrimage to Iraq.

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

In Statu Viae

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“We are all in a state of journey. Try to enjoy it.” 

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

The Gift of Writing

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I encourage you to open your whole life to an invitation from the Lord.

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

The Long Ride Home: Episode 2

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The Long Ride Home with Bear Woznick & his sidekick Tony Orband, featuring Fr. Mark Goring, CC. 

Fr. Simon Lobo Portrait

It's Not a Plan, It's a Vision!

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“Hey Father, that is quite the plan.”

Fr. Bryan Sabourin Portrait

He has More - There is More to Come

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“Love. Love. Give. Grow. Go.”

Fr. Francis Ching Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: How can the couple avoid conception (almost 100%) while following the Church’s teachings? Does NFP reassures this?

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The Church also teaches the necessity of responsible parenting and reproduction.