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Companions of the Cross

Matching Gift Challenge

12 Days of Giving - Day 2

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Our Church needs more priests. Leaders who have a passion for evangelization. Leaders who are committed to renewing the Church.

Fr. Kenneth Lao portrait

Gone Fishing

Homily /  

We are called not have fishing as a hobby but as a profession. 

Three points of the Homily:

1. Fishers of Men

Dcn. Alex Colautti

What Are You Afraid Of?

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Dcn. Alex Colautti will be ordained to the priesthood May 5 at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Ottawa, ON!

Fr. Jim Lowe Portrait

What is your Role in the Story?

Homily /  

Try to imagine how you are supposed to be a part of this story. What is your role in this story of salvation? 

Fr. Simon Lobo Portrait

Flick the Switch

Homily /  

For us to receive the power of the Spirit there is often a step that is required. 

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What's God's Plan for my Life?

Homily /  

What vocation is God calling you to? Here are 3 tips for figuring it out.

Fr. Jim Portrait


Homily /  

I encourage you take a moment or two and pray from your heart for strength, and whatever gifts or blessings you need from God, to respond to him today. 

Matching Gift Challenge

12 Day of Giving - Day 12 (Last Chance)

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Last chance to double your gift and maximize your charitable gift tax credits for 2017. We invite you to make a gift to the Companions of the Cross today. Better in our hands...

Matching Gift Challenge

12 Days of Giving - Day 11

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“You have two days left to decrease the amount the Tax Man takes and increase the amount of your refund this spring. Make a gift to the Companions of the Cross today.”